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What our community has to say:

Abigail has been a student of C and C for 8 years. She's taking vocal and guitar lessons with Paul Cook and piano with Camilla Krishnamurthy-Cook. Christian took vocals and guitar with Paul and once Joseph is old enough he will also become a student here.

Words don't do these two justice. Their talent spills over into their students, and their genuine kindness and care make you feel like you're a part of their family. They are dedicated to seeing students achieve their goals and full potential while having a blast. I'm proud to be a part of the C & C family. If you or your child is interested in music lessons this is the place to be. All the cool kids go here.

Christine Victoria Kobow - Guelph, ON

Both Andrew and Katie took lessons with Paul and Camilla - I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was. Even I took some lessons - I had a lot of fun, and Paul certainly did his best to make something tolerable out of my awful voice! The instruction and coaching was so great - Katie built up so much more confidence and really developed her voice, while Andrew broadened his range to the point where he won the RCMPI “most Insane range” award. And they are just the best people! Jackie Rose was such an amazing addition to their teaching team, and I can only imagine the other new teachers share the same vision and values, and will provide the same wonderful music experience.

Karen Johnston - Guelph, ON

Paul was Candace's vocal coach when she was younger and this past year, following her thyroid removal surgery, he became her vocal coach again & helped her get her singing voice back (to full power & more). Camilla & Paul are amazing musicians, teachers & people. If you are considering lessons for you or your kids, check out them and their team.

Dianne Tedesco Stein - Guelph, ON

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